Answers for Athiests

Faith is not “wishful thinking”. It’s not “believing without evidence” or “believing in spite of the evidence”. Faith is a “reasonable trust in light of the evidence”. If you’re having difficulty answering objections from atheists, we’d like to help. We’ve assembled a collection of articles to help you think through your Christian beliefs and make the case for Christianity:

A4A Hell

The Existence of Hell

Many skeptics find the idea of Hell to be outrageous and repulsive. The notion of a place of eternal punishment where those who reject Jesus will suffer torment seems like an ugly and distasteful idea. This section examines the philosophical and theological case for Hell.

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A4A Evil

The Problem of Evil

It seems that all of us, atheists and theists alike, must acknowledge and account for the presence of evil and suffering in our universe. While both views recognize the existence of evil, only Theism offers hope in the midst of the suffering. This section responds to the problem of evil.

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A4A Exclusive

The Hot Topic Issues

It’s one thing to accept the existence of God and the truth of Christianity, but another to try to live consistently with these beliefs, especially when the Bible makes many claims about important social issues. This section examines the claims of the Bible related to cultural “hot topics”.

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